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The Business Advisor is responsible for managing and supporting Esoko’s partners and licensees within Ghana. These clients could include NGO’s MNOs, national government agencies, and private sector clients who have purchased a license to access Esoko’s platform. This is a client-facing account management position supporting market information services worldwide-including client support, project management, deployment consulting, training, and coordination between business and technical teams to communicate customer feedback. The business advisor will be expected to build a strong relationship with each partner, in their implementation of market information systems and grow each account based on the client’s needs. This person will also help and write materials both for training and methodologies to be used by Esoko’s clients.


We are hardworking and passionate about what we do. We want to drive economic development through technological innovations and are looking for like-minded people who are open, generous, professional, and adventurous.


  • Manage relationships and consulting engagements with partners and clients utilizing Esoko technology and business model.
  • Lead strategic communication confidently with senior policymakers, Development partners, CEOs, and farmers &traders.
  • Negotiate contracts and invoices for new partners, projects, and customers.
  • Develop Business toolkit, training programs, methodologies, rollout plans, budgets, the scope of work, and marketing materials.
  • Conduct strategic consulting for partners & clients, including business plan development, investment assistance, strategic project planning, and/or franchise setup.
  • Develop training programs to assist end-users and small businesses to understand the value of Esoko.
  • Present Esoko, its services, and value propositions at local and international conferences and events.
  • Manage existing clients’ accounts and build a strong relationship with each partner or client.
  • Advise partners in their implementation of Esoko’s platform and grow each account based on customers’ needs.
  • Train clients and partners on Esoko’s platform & MIS methodology.
  • Maintain frequent communication with each account holder, including bi-weekly meetings, updates on the platform’s status, and other key strategic information.
  • Develop an annual work plan for each client or partner.
  • Write detailed reports about the partner’s usage implementation, challenges, and recommendations.
  • Act as a liaison with the technical and product teams to help document clients’ requested improvements to the software.
  • Draft proposals and budgets for new business and contract renewals for existing clients.
  • Create and revise training materials, methodologies, implementation plans, and other essential documentation.
  • Provide accurate and timely feedback and reports to senior management regarding performance.



  • A Bachelor’s degree (in agribusiness, agricultural economics, agronomy, Meteorology, Agroforestry, or other relevant fields)
  • Be a great communicator with natural talent at both senior policy-making level, as well as people in the field.
  • Be interested and motivated by innovative private business models that leverage ICTs to drive economic development.
  • Have 3 years of significant experience in any of the following sectors; ICT/Telecoms; Development, Agric, GIS, and Climate.
  • Have a track record that demonstrates strong leadership, business development, and people management skills.
  • Have implemented rural development projects/programs
  • Possess entrepreneurial instincts and understand business.



We actively promote diversity, creativity, and professionalism in the workplace. To learn more about the company, visit


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