Esoko registers its 1,000th farmer on the Fasiba platform!

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Since the launch of Fasiba in Ghana last year November, Esoko’s team of agents have been on the field all across the country sensitizing and registering smallholder farmers (SHF) onto the platform. Our aim has been to encourage SHFs to lay-away money when they have it, in order to afford quality agric inputs on the platform, when they need it. Today, we are glad to announce that we have registered our 1,000th farmer on the platform!

“This is an important milestone for Esoko in our quest to become the leading mobile commerce platform for farmers in Africa,” said Hillary Miller-Wise, CEO of Esoko. “We realize that it’s a single step in a 1,000 mile journey but it’s an important one in proving the demand for quality inputs among smallholder farmers .”

In August 2016, Esoko received grant support from The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) for the deployment of Fasiba to help 80,000 smallholder farmers in Ghana overcome challenges associated with access to affordable and quality inputs to increase productivity and incomes.

Esoko plans to launch the solution in Kenya in 2017.



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