Profiling 234,000 households for social intervention programs

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Digital profiling of households is an essential part of implementing fair and efficient social protection programs. The Ghana National Household Registry project seeks to profile all households in Ghana, collecting data – not limited to income levels, economic activities, size of household, property ownership and education levels – to better identify, target and serve vulnerable households that need social interventions.

To this end, Esoko has engaged 715 enumerators in the Northern Region, across 16 districts to conduct house-to-house surveys of  234,000 households. Enumerators are trained on the use of Esoko’s digital tools for data collection, community entry and sensitization, and ethics in data collection.

To ensure the highest data quality and integrity, the Esoko platform enables data collection projects to:

  • Reject wrong data on the Insyt mobile app before it is submitted e.g. a Ghana cell number must have 10 digits; any less will not be submitted.
  • Reject incomplete information e.g. households that report 3 members must have the equivalent number of individual/sub profiles. Any less or more will not be submitted.
  • Ensure agents collect the right data from the right people by restricting geographic areas where data can be submitted.

In addition to the above technical solutions, Esoko has hired 25 quality assurance officers to review incoming data and manage errors via the Esoko platform. Rejected submissions are instantly sent back to enumerators via the mobile app for correction.

All data is sent in real-time to the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection via our platform’s web dashboard – where key project metrics are viewed and tracked using interactive charts and maps.


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