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October 2017 Commodity Prices – Ghana

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Commodity price information and analysis for the month of October 2017, across Ghana markets.

At the end  of trading in the month of October, most commodities continued their down turn. Tomatoes and Pona plunged by 26.49 and 20.37 percent respectively to close at GHS 207.67 per crate and GHS 372.67 per 100 tubers. Cassava and Gari also dropped by 6.83 and 5.46 percent to close at GHS 70.50 per bag and 210.14 per bag respectively with maize also dropping 4.84 percent to close at GHS 120.71 per bag. Groundnut, dropped 4.81 percent to close at GHS 345.14 with wheat dropping 1.50 percent to close at GHS 218.17 per bag. Imported rice and cowpea also dropped by less than a percentage point to close at GHS 293.00 and 365.57 per bag respectively. Some commodities, however made some gains. Soya beans gained 9.06 percent to close at GHS 227.00 per bag with local rice also gaining 2.46 percent to close at GHS 291.57. Millet also gained 1.58 percent to close at GHS 220.57 per bag.

A bag of maize lost 4.84 percent to close at GHS 120.71. The highest price of GHS 162.00 was recorded at  Takoradi and  with the lowest price of GHS 78.00 recorded at Techiman.

Rice (local)
The average price for a bag of local rice gained 2.46 percent to close at GHS 291.57. The highest price of GHS 450 per bag was recorded at Accra with the lowest price of GHS 220.00  recorded at Tamale.

The average price of a crate of tomatoes lost 26.49 percent to close the month at GHS 207.67. The highest price of GHS 270.00 was  recorded at Takoradi with Dambai recording the lowest price of GHS 180. There is no data for Bawku for wholesale price because currently tomatoes are traded at the retail level on that market.


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