The Ghana National Household Registry (GNHR) is a Government of Ghana initiative, part funded by the World Bank, with the aim to make a national database that can be used for multiple organisations and institutions. This includes programs for social development, poverty reduction, demographic expectations, healthcare, school systems, etc.

The objective of GNHR is to create a single registry in Ghana, and will provide three distinct advantages.

  • A targeting process that is inclusive, transparent and fair
  • A reduction of the duplication of various Social Protection programmes especially in the selection of beneficiaries
  • Improved coordination of interventions across the ministries, departments and agencies and rationalize the implementation of the hitherto fragmented social protection sector. This will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness amongst the numerous social protection programmes in Ghana.


  • Customized front-end application for data collection
  • Real-time data monitoring dashboard
  • Quality assurance processes
  • Field agent recruitment and deployment for data collection and Public Awareness Campaigns



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