• call-centre
    When Bindipumi Nayempuan’s rice fields in Ghana were being ravaged by termites, Esoko’s expert call centre advice “saved the farm” by recommending the right pesticides, dosage and agro-dealer.
  • push
    To market their goods and enhance loyalty, NOVUS International sends messages to farmers in East Africa sharing tips, weather forecasts and information on new products.
  • polling
    SFFRFM in Malawi tracks the distribution and stock of fertilizer from regional warehouses, reducing loss by letting staff know when trucks arrive and how many bags are received.
  • sara
    Using prices from major markets in Malawi delivered to her mobile phone, Sara Maunda makes five times what she used to on her groundnut sales. Courtesy ACDI/VOCA
  • Page 6
    Across Mozambique, the Ministry of Agric’s agents are using Esoko’s Android application to collect market data, speeding up collection and improving accuracy.
The most powerful platform for connecting to farmers

Esoko is a simple but powerful communication tool for businesses, government, NGOs and others to connect with farmers. Use any mix of our web and mobile apps, original agricultural content, and on-the-ground deployment services for your marketing, monitoring and advisory needs.

Choose your own mix of apps

Monitoring Tools

Tablet Field Surveys
SMS Text Polling
Profiling Tools
Data Upload Solutions

Marketing Solutions

Bulk SMS Campaigns
Voice Message Campaigns
Targeted Advertising
Bids & Offers

Advisory Services

Price & Weather Alerts
Crop Tips
Call Centres
Extension Tools

Helping to grow your revenue and reach



Improving Yields
Improving Incomes
Climate Resilience
Monitoring & Evaluation



Sourcing Goods
Marketing Products
Monitoring Activities
Tracking Inventory


Mobile Operators

National Farmer Clubs
Value-Added Services
Mobile Money Deployments
Brand Loyalty



Uploading Data
Extension Services
Statistical Services
Data Analytics

With years of deployment expertise to help

There’s more to the equation than technology. Use Esoko’s original agricultural content, groundbreaking methodologies and trained field experts to help make your deployment a success.

We’ve been rolling out mobile services across Africa for a decade. Benefit from our expertise!


And honest insights from the field

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