Effortless Form Digitization, Data Collection & Analysis

How to get started

Step One

Create forms with our easy-to-use online form builder

Step Two

Capture responses using the Insyt mobile data collection app

Step Three

Gain insights into your data with real-time reporting & analytics
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The Insyt Application In Action

Insyt is a better alternative to inefficient paper based data collection systems, providing a simple solution to collecting data using mobile devices.

Data-driven solutions for every industry

How our partners use Insyt to make an impact

Benefits of going paperless with Insyt

There are countless reasons why our service is better than the rest, but here you can learn about why we’re different.

Generate meaningful insights

Visualize patterns and trends in your data

Improve data accuracy

Eliminate errors with in-app validations

Save time, money and stress

Digitize paper processes and migrate into the digital space

Collaborate seamlessly with your team

Manage agent network and track their field activities

Workflow management

Customize your own workflows and integrate with existing systems

Integrate with Esoko services

Agricultural content services; Payments & Verification systems

Collect any kind of data

Easily capture images, fingerprint and signatures with Insyt mobile data collection app

Land Mapping

Map land areas into GIS polygons with your mobile device without having to use any other GPS receivers.

Offline Data Capture

Create unlimited forms and collect any type of data on mobile – with or without internet connectivity.
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